Misleading Sub-related Headline Of The Day

I'll tell you what, I was shocked when I read the headline of this story in The Galveston County Daily News: "USPS Plans New Stamp For USS Texas". I remembered how much of a battle it'd been to get the commemorative stamps issued by the Post Office for the Submarine Centennial in 2000, and thought: "Wow, those Texas politicians have some serious pull". Then I read what the article really meant by "stamp":
The U.S. Postal Service in Galveston issued a special pictorial postmark in tribute to the Sept. 9 commissioning of the USS Texas.
The commissioning of the nuclear submarine is scheduled for 10 a.m. Sept. 9 on Pier 10 in Galveston.
The special stamp, also called a cancellation, depicts a submarine inside the outline of the state of Texas, with a star marking Galveston Island.
It also includes the sub’s name, USS Texas SSN-775, and the date of the commissioning.
For those members of the press who still aren't quite sure of the difference -- This is an example of a cancellation:

And these are examples of stamps:

(Thanks to the NavSource Sub Photo website for the cancellation picture.)