The Pattern

At LGF, commenter really grumpy big dog johnson recognizes the tiresome, transparent pattern:
It's always the same script, over and over. Never changes at all.

1. Muslims commit an atrocity or get caught before they can wreak violence on an unsuspecting society.

2. Muslims proclaim loudly that they are only a religion of peace, that "those" people could not be Muslims, that the mosques preach nothing but peace and love.

3. Accompanied by the above are all of the following: statements of extreme prejudice within the society targeted unfairly at them, that they are innocent victims; marches organized and held, loudly denouncing all acts of war as targeting Muslims, that the root of it all is found in Israel and the United States; demands for public apologies for the outrageous actions of the government; broad suspicions aired that those arrested have been framed; universal declarations among family and Muslim friends of all arrested that they were very good people and would never commit such a violent act; angry demands that the government provide special protections to Muslims and their mosques because of the claimed "backlash" against innocent Muslims; claims follow of harassment, threats, acts of violence against persons and property loudly claimed, with only the merest few of those ever justifiable by serious investigation.

4. If the drum noise and sabre rattling don't have the desired effect - that of putting the dhimis back in their shame boxes where apparently they belong - then resort to harsher acts: spontaneous and angry street demonstrations, smashing of windows and overturning and burning of cars, random beatings of passers-by to emphasize that they are right on the edge of coming completely unglued as a desperate and oppressed minority in society.

This is inevitably followed by the complete caving and total dhimmitude of the government and so-called responsible citizen's groups, religious faiths, and many others.

Mission accomplished. I'm sick of it, and it's as predictable as rain in Manila.

I mean, how many times to you have to kick a dog before he finally figures out that it's a trend and bites back, or else takes out his pent-up aggression on someone more capable of intimidation?

Islam is riddled with evil like swiss cheese has holes. The only answer is the destruction or reformation of the religion/society model espoused as the ideal state of highest societal advancement by the least-advanced societies on the planet.
The problem with the reformation idea is that one theory is that the reformation already happened, in the form of the Iranian revolution for the Shiites and the rise of Saudi-funded Wahabbism for the Sunnis.

"Moderate" muslims are moderate to the degree, it has been said, that they are ignorant of islam's teachings.

The "extremists" will always win the theological and doctrinal arguments, because they have all the evidence on their side.

Returning islam to its roots makes it more virulent. It amplifies the very worst of human nature, which is just the opposite of every other major world religion or philosophy.