How Many More?

Why does the West keep letting in these profoundly imcompatible cultures?

How many more women must die?

Notice it's almost always not just a lone nut, but a conspiracy within a family, with the support of the community.

Hina Saleem tried to get help from the Italian authorities for nearly 4 years, from the age of 17. Sharia law is apparently unofficially recognized out of deference to the noble 3rd worlders.

It can only get worse with muslim leaders in Britain now calling for official recognition of sharia law!
Sbai, who has studied the problems of Muslim women in Italy, asked how many more women would die in the name of Islam.

"We have seen from the episode of the young Pakistani woman murdered in Brescia how religion can become a state within a state and Islamic law be inculcated in the minds of many Muslim parents who live in our country by self-styled, uneducated preachers (imams), " Sbai stated.

Hina's father, Mohammad, apparently cut her throat last week in Sarezzo after she repeatedly refused an arranged marriage to a cousin in Pakistan. The 20-year-old woman was romantically involved with an Italian, had gone to live with him, worked in a pizzeria and wanted to become an actress.

"These imams are religious extremists who accord women no rights," Sbai stressed. For years, they have been operating from makeshift mosques in garages or Halal butchers' shops, have fanned misogyny, have terrorised immigrant Muslim communities and have retarded their integration, she said.
She claimed Muslim women's documents are being confiscated by their husbands or fathers when they get to Italy, which forces them to live clandestinely and prevents them from being able to bring domestic violence charges against male relatives. Sbai denounced the forced return of Muslim girls at 14 or 15 years of age to their countries of origin to become victims of arranged marriages.

"The objective is to prevent these girls from becoming Westerners, not just through gaining citizenship but above all through embracing Western societies's shared values of liberty and democaracy. These girls have no country that protects them: they are immigrants in Italy and foreigners in their countries of origin," Sbai stressed.
Hina disappeared last Thursday and last Saturday was found buried beneath the family home in Sarezzo, facing Mecca with her throat cut. Muhammad has been arrested in connection with her murder and has reportedly confessed to killing his daughter.

Police investigating Hina's killing are searching for her-brother-in-law and have also detained her uncle. They suspect Hina her father may not have acted alone in planning and carrying out her murder.
Hina's boyfriend, Giuseppe Tempini, a carpenter has reportedly tried to commit suicide since her death.
Speaking of cousin marriage, the degree of first-cousin marriage (consanguinity) in some of these countries is astounding (usually 40-50% in many Arab countries, and 60% in Pakistan, for example), and such inbreeding is not only detrimental to genetic development, but leads to intense tribalism to the detriment of national identity, which is why our ideas of free melting-pot republics may never fly in a primitive clan system:
Life in the Muslim Middle East has long revolved around family and tribe. In fact, that's what a tribe is — your family in its most extended form. For much of Middle Eastern history, tribal networks of kin functioned as governments in miniature. In the absence of state power, it was the kin group that protected an individual from attack, secured his wealth, and performed a thousand other functions. No one could flourish whose kin group was not strong, respected, and unified.

In the modern Middle East, networks of kin are still the foundation of wealth, security, and personal happiness. That, in a sense, is the problem.
Cousin marriage solves the problem of lineage solidarity. If, instead of marrying a woman from a strange lineage, a man marries his cousin, then his wife will not be an alien, but a trusted member of his own kin group. Not only will this reduce a man's likelihood of being pulled away from his brothers by his wife, a woman of the lineage is less likely to be divorced by her husband, and more likely to be protected by her own extended kin in case of a rupture in the marriage. Somewhere around a third of all marriages in the Muslim Middle East are between members of the same lineage, and in some places the figure can reach as high as 80 percent.
A chart with consanguinity rates in the arab world is at the Center for Arab Genomic Studies.