Enterprise "XO Movie Night" Videos Released

In case you wanted to see all the "XO Movie Night" videos from the USS Enterprise (CVN 65) case we discussed earlier, you can find them here, helpfully divided up into "objectionable" and "non-objectionable" categories, along with links to the Command Investigation. You can also read a story about all the senior officers who will get stern letters in their permanent records here.

Update 1604 03 March: Apparently Naval Reactors didn't get a chance to review the Command Investigation before it got released, which surprises me because some of the complaints involved improper use of anti-contamination suits. Check out Appendix 5, page 3, entry for 25-Mar-06: "Appears in this video performing various activities wearing a yellow, anti-radiation suit." Really? Anti-radiation suit? And no one on the Fleet Forces Command staff who read the draft report caught that?