The XO's Main Job...

I'm hearing that the CO and CMC of USS Stout (DDG 55) were fired in the middle of a Med deployment for bad behavior on the beach. (Link to follow when I get to a real computer.)

One of my old XOs told me that they stressed in PXO that one of his most important jobs would be keeping the CO out of trouble on liberty.

Update 2100 02 March 11: Here's the Navy Times story on the DFCs. The problem with posting about a story without reading it, based only on a partial paragraph from a Facebook post I read on my phone while performing D-1R at work, is that I assumed, and probably left others with the impression, that the CO and CMC were involved in the misbehavior on the beach. As the story makes clear, the CO and CMC were not accused of participating in the shenanigans, just in failing to prevent them.Here's the official Sixth Fleet press release. Excerpts:
The relief of Borchers occurred due to a loss of confidence in his ability to address a pervasive pattern of unprofessional behavior in overseas ports and a substandard command climate on board following an investigation into multiple allegations of crew misconduct...
...Additionally, one officer, five chiefs and one petty officer were removed from the ship following Non-Judicial Punishment proceedings for misconduct during incidents that occurred while on liberty ashore. Offenses included fraternization, orders violations and disregard for naval standards of conduct and behavior, which contributed to poor crew morale and a hostile command climate.
I wonder what led to the "hostile command climate"? I can see poor morale if the fraternizers were showing favoritism to their partners, but "hostile command climate" seems out of place. Maybe the JAGMAN investigation will get released soon and we'll find out what that means.