Japanese Reactor Accident Thread

Continuing the thread and comments from my earlier post.

A timeline of the first 4 days of the crisis is here. The BBC live page is here. The most recent story from the New York Times, after the #2 reactor building suffered an explosion, is here. This statement from 7th Fleet that they've detected low levels of contamination in Yokosuka shouldn't be that surprising, but it's certainly not good news. Here's a link to the Nuclear Energy Institute page discussing the casualty.

The bottom line, as I see it, is that unless you are working in the reactor complex itself, you shouldn't have any real health worries. There's no need for you to buy KI if you're not on the east central coast of Honshu. That being said, the fact remains that, as one of my commenters in the earlier thread said, a major utility company is injecting seawater into three reactors that have all suffered explosions to buildings associated with their reactors, so that's definitely trending in the "bad" direction on the good/bad scale.