NNPTC In The News

Against my better judgment, and only because so many people have written in asking me to post it, here are links to several stories (here, here, and here) about a student at Navy Nuclear Power Training Command who is apparently being processed for separation for a violation of barracks rules. Excerpt:
"My friend just came over to watch some shows. It was a long week at school cause we put in a lot of study hours and on top of going to school and he came over to watch some shows on my computer and we passed out," said Jones.
Jones' roommate walked in to find Jones and the other male sailor asleep in the same bed. According to Jones he and the other man were wearing clothing. Just days later, the Navy charged Jones with unprofessional conduct...
..."Two sailors, regardless of gender, sleeping in the same bed together is considered unacceptable," said Thomas Dougan, a spokesman for the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command. Dougan added sexual orientation played no role in this case. The sailor found asleep with Jones remains in the Navy after accepting his punishment and having his pay docked.
I'm not hopeful, but is there any chance we can have a discussion on barracks privacy rights or how the Navy sometimes trumps up charges when they want to boot someone, and not have this devolve into the umpty-squadrillionth "the world is going to end when gays and women get on submarines" discussion?