"Somebody Set Up Us The Bomb"

From ICEX-2011, word comes that USS New Hampshire (SSN 778) is in need of Oxygen Generator repairs:
The machine that produces fresh air aboard the USS New Hampshire submarine failed during a mission under the vast ice cap of the Arctic Ocean last week, prompting the submarine to use an alternate oxygen candle system instead.
Hamilton Sundstrand... is sending a representative to a temporary ice camp to investigate the problem with the oxygen generator, said Navy Commander John McGunnigle, captain of the nuclear-powered Virginia-class submarine.
Daniel Coulom, a spokesman for Hamilton Sundstrand, confirmed late Monday that company staff would travel to the ship to help repair the oxygen generator, but said it was too early to speculate on what caused the problem.
We know about this because, even in the Arctic, submarines can't get away from VIP cruises and underway media availabilities. This is nice for those of us not there, however, because we get back cool pictures like this one of New Hampshire surfaced through the ice:

We also have this picture of my old boat USS Connecticut (SSN 22). I'm not that familiar with the O2 Generator on Virginia-class boats, but I assume they're like the ones on Seawolf-class boats that I know. I know the Navy has been backfitting the Los Angeles and Ohio fleets with the newer "bombs" that are much more advanced that the one I learned on USS Topeka (SSN 754) in the early '90s.

What's your favorite story about the O2 Generator crapping out?