A Milestone In Rexburg, Idaho

Long-time readers of this blog have probably picked up that I'm infinitely proud of my daughter, "Sweetness", who's a sophomore at Brigham Young University - Idaho. She took part in a very spiritual experience on Thursday, and I wanted to share it with you.

She goes to college in the small town of Rexburg, Idaho, on the other side of the state from where we are. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is building a temple in Rexburg, just up the street from Sweetness' dorm, so she's been able to watch it being constructed. One of the highlights when a temple is going up is the raising of the statue of Moroni to the top -- this is what she, and many others, braved the wet and the cold to see on Thursday. She took a picture of the statue as it was being maneuvered into postion:

Here's a closer view of the statue being fastened into place:

"Sweetness" reported to her Mom that the crowd spontaneously started singing as the statue was going up, and that the Spirit was strongly felt by all. News reports of the statue raising can be seen here and here.