Wow, Those Democrats Must Have Superpowers

I've never liked ridiculous hyperbole on the campaign trail, and I think I like it even less when it's my President who's using it. Check out what President Bush said in Tampa yesterday:
"If they get control of the House of Representatives, they'll raise your taxes. It'll hurt our economy. And that's why we're not going to let them get control of the House of Representatives," Bush said.
There are arguments to be made for not wanting the Democrats to take control of the House, but this one stretches the bounds of credibility. Unless the President thinks the Dems are going to take over not only the House, but also the Senate, I don't think a bill to raise taxes would pass both houses. Additionally, I assume President Bush would veto such a measure, which means that he either thinks that the Dems are going to get 2/3 of each chamber so they can override his veto, or it means he was blowing smoke. (Granted, he probably means that they won't vote to extend the tax cuts that expire in 2010, but there's another election in between now and then, so he still isn't making any real sense.)

I'd like to think that I could hold the President to a higher standard than that.

Update 0010 23 September: The President's having a tough week -- a story comes out that seems to show him acting as I hoped (and thought) he should have been in the aftermath of 9/11 -- getting Pakistan to understand that we were serious about the "with us or against us" concept -- and he denies that it happened. I think he's getting bad political advice.