Another Year Older, Another Year Snarkier

Today marks my 2nd anniversary as a blogger here at TSSBP. Here's my blogiversary post from last year -- much as one doesn't take as many pictures of your 2nd child as the first, I'm sure I won't write as much as I did last year to mark the occasion. (The link above has the obligatory link to my first ever post.)

Statistics-wise, I got a little over 150,000 visits this year, and just over 310K page views. I wrote 744 new posts this year -- this kind of surprised me; I had expected the number would have gone down from the 610 I did the previous year. In addition to continuing to contribute to the submarine group blog Ultraquiet No More, I joined the gang over at MilBlogs Ring HQ for some group mil-blogging -- it was there that I helped expose the Jesse MacBeth fraud. Here at my home blog, I tried some more humor writing, to mixed reactions, when I authored the SPUD-LIB Manifesto -- an ultimately successful crusade to get permalinks from Idaho ├╝berblogger Clayton Cramer.

I appreciate everyone who's kept reading me as I "evolve" as a blogger -- I hope to be able to provide even better content over the next 12 months.

-- Joel Kennedy -- "Bubblehead"