The Importance Of Using Good English

Idaho 1st District Congressional candidate Bill Sali today stated that he supports a bill making English the official language of the United States. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to have many specifics about the bill nailed down. Apparently as a method of demonstrating how embarrassing it would be for someone who doesn't speak or write English well, his new video page features a couple good examples of bad English: "The VB's support of Bill Sali is important" (VB = volleyball, maybe?) and "The globabl implications of this election". Maybe his webmaster was subconsciously thinking about the Tower of Babel, where God decreed that man should speak different languages.

The fact that the bill in question was referred to sub-committee in April 2005, and is still sitting there in September 2006 (the same fate as the previous bill on this subject introduced in 2003) I'm sure in no way indicates that this is yet another example of Mr. Sali grandstanding about a proposal that has no chance in hell of succeeding.

Update 2355 14 Sep: It looks like they fixed the typos on the campaign website. I wonder if they're reading my site?