What I Did Last Night

Last night after dinner, the boys did their standard race to the computer, but this one resulted in a little more contact than normal -- DeepDiver's foot ended up driving quite forcefully into one of the kitchen cabinets. Everyone knows that stubbing your toe is very painful, but this was a little more than the average stubbing. Those who are a little squeamish probably won't want to read the rest of the story (below the fold), which has a picture of DeepDiver's toe pointing a non-normal direction.
We got him, with some difficulty, into the van, and headed off to the Emergency Room. As we got about three blocks away, the boys decided that we really needed photographic evidence of the injury, so we turned around to head back home for the camera. Here's an example of one of the pictures:

We got to the hospital a little after 2000, and after they numbed the toe, they took an x-ray and determined that he had a "green-stick fracture"; they straightened the toe (bending it around a pen, which struck me as decidedly low-tech), taped his third toe to the fourth toe, and told us to keep the toe taped for 4-6 weeks. Luckily, he'll still be able to play football. And since I'm a totally proud Dad, here are the two boys in their football uniforms (Robert is on the left, DeepDiver on the right):