The Children

Five years ago tomorrow, I saw Christine Hanson murdered on live TV by islamic jihadists.

At two years old, on her way to Disneyland, she was the youngest victim of the attacks.

I had turned on the tv a few minutes before 9 am to see how the stock market futures were shaping up, to see the live feed of the Twin Towers, one of them already belching smoke.

One of the CNBC anchors was trying to hint around that maybe it wasn't an accident, but he wasn't willing to directly say the "T" word.

The other anchor wasn't understanding what the first one was trying to get at.

Then we all saw Christine Hanson's flight lance into the other tower in a ball of fire, and there was no doubt.

Other children on that plane were David Brandhorst, 3, and Juliana Valentine McCourt, 4.

Children on the other flights were sisters Zoe and Dana Falkenberg (8 and 3), as well as students Bernard Brown, Asia Cottom, and Rodney Dickens, aged 11, on a special educational field trip.

I know what killed you.

I don't have to vow to never forget; I couldn't if I tried.